Thursday, February 13, 2014

Derek Jeter to Retire

After five world series championships, a rookie of the year award, over 3,000 hits, countless gold gloves and thirteen All-Star Game selections, the captain of the New York Yankees since 2003 will be hanging up his uniform at the conclusion of the 2014 season, whether it be against the Red Sox at Fenway at the end of the regular season, or hoisting the World Series Championship trophy in the October night. Dererk Jeter has been the most iconic Yankee of his generation, the catalyst of five world titles and an infinite number of intangible moments. From his Mr. November home run, to the flip play to throw Jason Giambi out at the plate, to getting his 3,000th hit in dramatic fashion off David Price on a steamy July day in 2011. Jeter has given a generation of Yankees fans something to look forward to when they come to the ballpark, as well as giving many children dreams of playing in Major League Baseball with a number 2 stitched to their backs. Through it all, Derek Jeter has been the definition of class and winning.

The New York Yankees will never be the same after the 2014 season, as the last member of the dynasty era of the late 1990's will call it a career. In addition, the final member of the Core 4 will no longer be on the field as Jorge Posada went first following the 2011 season, followed by Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte after 2013. These Yankees will all have their numbers retired, and there will never be another player in a Yankees uniform with the number 2 on the back of it. Jeter is the right man to have the last single-digit Yankee number as he has been deserving of it through all of his achievements and accomplishments. Through it all, Jeter has maintained a level of class that is unmatched by anyone except for maybe Mariano Rivera and Bernie Williams.

As we all watch the last of Derek Jeter on the field, we need to take in the greatness, as we will one day be telling our children that we saw Derek Jeter play, just as our parents saw Mickey Mantle play or their parents saw Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig play in Yankee Stadium. Jeter is our generation's version of those players and there may not be another man who is as honorable and as loyal of a Yankee as Jeter is in our lifetime.

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