Sunday, December 1, 2013

Phil Hughes Agrees with Twins

Sources say that RHP Phil Hughes is in agreement with the Minnesota Twins on a 3 year/$24 million contract. The Twins are looking to sure up their rotation after historically bad team pitching statistics in 2013. Like the Twins in 2013, Phil Hughes had his worst season in 2013, going 4-14 with a hefty 5.19 ERA. After what looked like a promising first half, where Hughes just ran into bad luck he had an awful second half in which he failed to win even one game the rest of the way through the season. He was even taken out of the rotation down the stretch when the Yankees were competing for a wildcard spot in favor of David Huff who too, could not handle the September pressures of a playoff race.

Hughes' annual salary will be $8 million for three years over the length of the contract. He is only 27, which would put his next free agency year at age 30 when pitchers are in their prime. The contract is good for both sides; Phil Hughes received a raise after an awful year and the Twins are buying low on a pitcher with a very high ceiling. Remember how Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada called Hughes the next coming of Roger Clemens?

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