Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hughes Struggles, Yankees lose

This loss can be pinned solely on a Mr. Philip Hughes, who went three innings and allowed three home runs to Orioles players who would be minor leaguers on any other team. I had a gut feeling that Hughes would pitch the Yankees into a hole, and my predictions were correct. Hughes is about as unreliable as they come. He has turned out to be a five inning pitcher, who gives up a ton of home runs and can never be counted on in a big spot. Today was a prime example of Hughes' inability to pitch well when he is needed. If he is looking for an Anibal Sanchez-esque contract this winter, he will be looking for a while because what he has shown thus far in three starts has been painful to watch. It's come to a point where I know that he will be out after the fifth inning after throwing over 20 pitches in each inning of work. Ivan Nova is more reliable than Hughes, and that is not saying much. Joe Girardi needs to evaluate the back end of his rotation and insert David Phelps into the place of either Hughes or Nova. Phelps is more reliable than the aforementioned pitchers combined. I have confidence when Phelps is in a game, and he has a wicked pick-off move, which is a pleasure to watch.

The offense could only do so much today. After Hughes gave up two runs in the second, the Yankees went to work and scored two runs to tie the game. However, Hughes gave up more runs and the offense was left stranded. Wells hit another home run today, his third of the season. Cano continues to be hot, while Ichiro Suzuki still looks lost at the plate. The way Hughes pitched made a 5-2 game look like a 10-2 game, so the offense struggled the rest of the way. They were able to put men on base but lacked a big hit. Overall, the offense has been good with picking each other up this season thus far, so I will not get on them for today's effort.

Tomorrow night, ESPN will broadcast their game of the week featuring the Yankees and Orioles. Hiroki Kuroda will try to put the Yankees back on winning ways against O's left hander Wei-Yin Chen.

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