Friday, February 1, 2013

More Alex Rodriguez PED Drama

A story uncovered by the Miami New Times earlier this week broke a story of an anti-aging clinic supplying Alex Rodriguez, as well as a few other Major League players with performance enhancing drugs as recently as the 2012 season. The Rodriguez story comes as a bit of a surprise to most, simply because he did not perform well in 2012 at all. His power numbers were down all season and he did not hit for a high average. It's a scary thought to wonder how Rodriguez would have performed in 2012 without HGH injections. The owner of the clinic, Anthony Bosch has detailed records of payment amounts and other documents that would be difficult for these players to deny. Of course, in typical A-Rod fashion he and his lawyers have already denied these allegations despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him in the case. As recently as this morning, a report surfaced that discussed Anthony Bosch injecting Alex with HGH at his Miami home last spring. The report states that Rodriguez was getting angry at Bosch because Bosch was having trouble locating a vein in order to inject A-Rod. Subsequently, Rodriguez kicked Bosch out of his house and later complained that he was "bleeding everywhere".

Other prominent MLB players involved in the scandal are LHP Gio Gonzalez, OF Nelson Cruz, OF Melky Cabrera and RHP Bartolo Colon. The latter portion of players on the aforementioned list were already suspended by Major League Baseball in the 2012 season after testing positive. Rodriguez has never been suspended, because he was caught before the new CBA that set into place all of the violation rules that MLB abides by today.

It would be nice if the Yankees could void A-Rod's contract, but chances of that happening are slim to none. Rodriguez is owed over $114 million from the Yankees over the next five seasons. The Player's Association will fight tooth and nail for the terms of the contract to be honored. The only way that the Yankees can rid themselves of that salary is if Rodriguez announces retirement because of injuries. At that point, the insurance company would step in and would have to work something out. Alex Rodriguez has already stated that he will not be retiring and is looking forward to getting back on the field as soon as he can. The Yankees will probably not play him at all this year, even if he returns from the disabled list before the season ends. They want to save money, and $25 million would be a nice chunk of change to put in their back pockets for future acquisitions. As I stated early in the off-season, I still believe that Alex Rodriguez may have had his final at-bat playing for the New York Yankees.

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